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HIST 350: Decolonial Histories of Mathematics and Astronomy (HC)

History 350: Decolonial Histories of Mathematics and Astronomy (Kumar) Fall 2020

Finding Primary Sources

Primary sources are available in a variety of places.  See the boxes below for selections from online databases, anthologies with edited selections and individual texts.  When you find a primary source title or an author you want to read, check Tripod and, if necessary, WorldCat for available editions and translations.    

Many titles that have been edited, reprinted in facsimiles, or transferred to microfilm can be borrowed through interlibrary loan if they are not in Tripod.



If you find an excerpt of interest in one of the anthologies below, check for a translation of the full text or other works by the author in Tripod or WorldCat.

Texts in Translation

The titles below come from the series, Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences.  See more in Tripod under the series title.  Connect from Bryn Mawr College   Icon  Icon                                                                                                                                                                                                     

You can also search in Tripod and WorldCat for more works by a particular author.

     Example:   Author:  levi ben gershom   Connect from Bryn Mawr College   Icon  Icon      Note the title below uses the form of the name as Levi Ben Gerson.

                     Results include:                    

                  Levi ben Gerson's Prognostication for the conjunction of 1345

                     Levi ben Gershom, 1288-1344.; Goldstein, Bernard R.; Pingree, David, 1933-2005.; Muris, Johannes de, approximately 1300-approximately 1350.  American Philosophical Society, 1990.