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Naturally: Black Hair Journeys & Stories (SC)

A library guide that highlights the beauty and significance of textured hair, also known as natural hair or Black hair. This Libguide was created because there are far too few conversations and not enough awareness about the impact of natural hair.

Additional Resources

Hair Me Out: A Black Hair Celebration (@ Middlebury College)

Installed from February 21st through March 20th, the Hair Me Out exhibit is an opportunity for Black staff, students and faculty to showcase many of the ways we engage with our hair. The texture of our hair is one of the most definitive markers of our ethnic and racial identities and has suffered a great deal of persecution for centuries and even today with bans of dreadlocks (2012), Afros (2016) and braids (2017) still happening in schools, on work sites and in the armed forces in the United States, in parts of Africa and throughout the Black diaspora. The rise of the natural hair movement has invited Black peoples to re-embrace our hair in its natural state and has granted Black peoples license to appreciate our hair anew. 

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The Black Hair Syllabus 


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Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease: A Self Love Journey Through Hair and Skin (workbook)



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