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HIST 210: Biopower (HC)

History 210: Biopower (Graham & Hayton) Spring 2022

Epidemics in History

Mob attacks the the quarantine hospital on Staten Island in 1858, originally appeared in Harper's Weekly (Source: Wikimedia Commons, Public domain). Details


This guide focuses on the topics in your course and outlines research strategies and sources for your exhibit project.  Use the searches and linked examples as jumping off points for exploration.

The Background Information page will help in developing your research questions and understanding the broader context in which your primary sources were created and read.  Journal Articles and Books will give you material for cultural and historical analyses.  Finding Primary Sources can provide additional direct information from the relevant historical time periods.  The Primary Sources from Special Collections page identifies historical documents in Haverford's collection that you will interpret in terms of intended audience and associated social and cultural meanings.