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HIST 350: Astrology (HC)

HIST 350: Astrology (Hayton) Fall 2022

Astrology in Art

 Master of the Housebook, Children of Sol, Medieval Housebook, 1475-1485, German, private collection 

This is one of seven illustrations of children of the planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun) in the manuscript.  Each group shows the qualities associated with the planetary influence. Saturn is melancholy, Jupiter just and wise, Mars belligerent, Venus amorous and pleasure-loving, Mercury clever and industrious, the Moon changeable and the Sun pious and good-looking. (Source: Wikimedia Commons, Public domain)

Finding Background Information

This guide focuses on research strategies and resources for your papers.  Use the searches and linked examples as jumping off points for exploration.

The Journal Articles and Books pages give you tools for accessing published scholarship.  The Historiography and Background Information pages will help in developing your research questions and understanding the broader context for your specific topic. The Primary Source pages provide major source collections online and special collections libraries and archives as beginning points for exploration.  

Haverford College and Astrology

About the Author

JACQUELINE STALLONE has practiced astrology since the 1950s, and has taught the subject at Harverford College. She currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

Amazon description for Starpower : An Astrological Guide to Super Success Paperback – November 13, 1999 by Jacqueline Stallone.



Darin Hayton and his students are knee-deep in the astrology section of one of Haverford's newest courses: History of the Occult and Witchcraft.

Haverford College article, November 2005