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POLS 235: African Politics (HC): Journal Articles

Political Science 235: African Politics (Wing) Fall 2018

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Inaugurated as President of Liberia


Monrovia, 2006 (Source: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)


Journal articles provide in depth scholarly information.  They are vetted and improved by peer review.  They are usually fairly short in length and focused on discussing one specific issue.  The following indexes are good places to find journal articles about political science.

Use the Find It button in these indexes to check if the journal articles are available in the Tri-College libraries. If the journal is not listed in Tripod, use the Find It request form or the Interlibrary Loan Request Form on Tripod to have a digital copy of the article sent to your email address in around three days.

Subject-Specific Databases

Subject Guide

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Margaret Schaus

Databases Covering All Subject Areas

These two databases are especially useful when looking for very current information.  They are also helpful in providing cross-disciplinary approaches to issues.