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Washington Post (BMC): Bryn Mawr Access

Washington Post - Library Academic Site License

Bryn Mawr faculty, students and staff can access The Washington Post through an academic site license provided by the Bryn Mawr College Libraries. When you're on campus, you'll have access to the Washington Post automatically.

Coverage for the current subscription through the Washington Post site is recent issues, but we also have historical access to the Post (see the Tripod record here).



Off-campus and app access:

1. Use the Tripod link to the WaPo subscription. Log in to the proxy server when prompted. This allows you to read the WaPo anonymously. You cannot use the Washington Post app, which requires a login.

2. Create a login using your address and activate Bryn Mawr's subscription in your account. Follow instructions on this guide. This method will allow you to use the app.



For access to the Washington Post, including our current subscription:

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