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WRPR 101: Finding a Voice - Researching Films (HC)

Writing Program 101: Finding a Voice (Ladva) Fall 2019

Getting Started

For Assignment #2 you will be analyzing critical reactions to one of the two films you will be studying:   Black Panther or Rabbit-Proof Fence.

This guide lays out the research tools and strategies for finding film reviews in academic journals, as well as magazines and newspapers.  It also shows how to find essays collected in scholarly books.  Using effective search strategies on Google will provide critiques addressing targeted audiences.  From background sources you can build a larger context that will help you signal the significant points in your argument.

These different kinds of sources will provide a rich variety of viewpoints that you can oppose, champion and analyze in your paper.       

Film Reviews in Magazines and Newspapers

Film Analysis in Scholarly Collections

When we look for books in Tripod, we often specify a subject search for the greatest focus.  But when finding criticism of novels or films, there is an additional strategy for finding essays published in book form.

Search the titles in quotation marks as keyword searches.  "black panther" results include:

"The political economy of Black Panther's Wakanda" / J. Robert Subrick   IN   Superheroes and economics : the shadowy world of capes, masks and invisible hands
O'Roark, Brian, editor.; Salkowitz, Rob, editor.;
2019    Request from BMC

Film Resources on the Web

Background on the Films