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Check Bryn Mawr's, Haverford's, or Swarthmore's library websites for additional resources during COVID-19.

Off-Campus Access (Swarthmore)

A brief primer on off-campus access to library resources for research and leisure.


It's easy to access Swarthmore Libraries' resources from off-campus, whether at home, at a public library, or studying abroad.

There are two options for accessing most library resources off-campus: through the proxy server and through Swarthmore's VPN.


Using a proxy server routes your internet activity through Swarthmore's servers. It does not require installing any special programs, and is accessible on all devices with a web browser, including mobile devices. Proxied URLs will be include "".

If you are off-campus, you will automatically be prompted to log into the proxy server when you try to access resources from Tripod. Log in with your Swarthmore credentials and complete the Duo authentication, and you will be redirected to the resource you were trying to access.

A screenshot of the EZproxy page, showing the process for logging in

You can also start by logging into the proxy server at and then clicking on the link provided for Tripod:

A screenshot of the page that appears after you log into the proxy server. There are links to the research guides and to Tripod


If you're going to be using library resources extensively from off-campus, you might prefer to install Swarthmore's VPN system rather than use the proxy server. Instructions on how to install Swarthmore's VPN system on MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Chromebook devices are available on the Swarthmore ITS KnowledgeBase.

Please note that if you are using Swarthmore's VPN system, there is no need to use the proxy server. Simply navigate to as if you were on campus.

Proxy Server Tips

Proxy Server Tips

Opening links in new tabs or windows can cause the proxy prefix to drop from your URL. If you suddenly lose access, double check your browser URL to see if it is still preceded by "". If this prefix is no longer in your URL, go back to Tripod to reconnect to your resource, or use our bookmarklet to reinsert it.

Whether you're researching on the web or the proxy prefix unexpectedly dropped from your URL, our bookmarklet will add the proxy prefix to the page you're currently on by routing you through the proxy server and prompting you to log in. To create the bookmarklet, manually create a new bookmark in your browser; you can usually do this by right-clicking on the bookmarks bar and selecting "new bookmark". Name it "Swarthmore EZproxy" and in the URL or location field, enter:


Click "add" or "save" to add it to your bookmarks. Now access is available with just a click!

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Beyond Research

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