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HIST 264/ ANTH 264: Materiality and Spectacle in 19th C. U.S. (HC)

History 264/ Anthropology 264: Materiality and Spectacle in Nineteenth Century United States (Snyder)

Quick Tips for Searching Complex Websites

If you find a particular website (e.g. Internet Archive or the Library of Congress) difficult to search, try creating your own search engine for that site using Google.

Go to the Google search bar in your browser and enter your search terms (e.g. smallpox vaccination India).

Add the following to the end of your site: (where you replace "" with the website you want to search)

So your search terms would look like this:

smallpox vaccination India

Recommended Archives and Collections in the Philadelphia Area

Here are descriptions of just a few of the many interesting archives, collections, and libraries in the Philadelphia area.

Browse other archives, collections, and libraries using ArchiveGrid and the PACSCL website.

Finding Historical Images

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Margaret Schaus