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Public Health

Five Core Disciplines of Public Health

The field of public health is interdisciplinary, drawing from resources across many fields to address significant health problems. This guide provides pathways to resources based on the five core disciplines of public health as defined by the Council on Education for Public Health:

Behavioral science/health education - The field of health education/health promotion applies epidemiological data to design interventions aimed at improving population health outcomes. 

Biostatistics - Conducting public health research requires knowledge of statistical methods to design studies and analyze data.

Environmental health - Drawing strongly from the natural sciences, this portion of public health deals with analyzing the effects of environmental factors on human health.

Epidemiology - This field is concerned with examining the distribution of health and disease in people, place, and time. Epidemiology also involves translating and communicating health research to help the public better understand its implications.

Health services administration - This domain deals with the business of health care delivery, and how to best allocate time and resources to maximize health outcomes for populations.

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