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Art Magazines at Haverford

Recent issues of the following art magazines are kept in the periodicals room.

Finding Books in the Library

Fine arts books are housed under the "boat" on the second tier (entrance level) of the library.

Use TRIPOD the library's online catalog to find books.  Use both the "author" and the "subject" search to find books about an artist.  

The library uses the Library of Congress call number system.  This is useful to remember if you are browsing in the collection.  The Broad classification system of the visual arts is:

N      general visual arts; books on particular museum collections; surveys
NA    architecture
NB    sculpture
NC    drawing
ND    painting
NE    print media (printmaking and engraving
NK    decorative arts
NX    arts in general

Some of the subsections of Printmaking are:
NE505 - NE539 History of Printmaking - United States
NE1000 - NE 1352 Wood Engraving
NE1940 - NE2232.5 Etching