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POLS 004: International Politics (SC)

Political Science 004: International Politics (Fall 2023) - Paddon Rhoads

Organizing Your Research

Being intentional about how you organize your work can help make research more engaging and less frustrating.

Everyone works differently, so experiment and see what fits with your workflow:

  • Create a synthesis matrix to organize your sources and how they might contribute to different parts of your paper

  • Use a mind-map to outline your questions and ideas (some tools include and MindNode)

  • Make digital sticky notes for your questions and sources, move them around as you plan and write (Google Jamboard

  • For tracking an issue over time, create a timeline as you learn key dates (in a Google Doc, notes app, etc.)

  • Consider setting up a Zotero library (particularly if you'll be writing a thesis or going to grad school)

Zotero & ZoteroBib

Source Tracking Sheet

Research Mapping