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HIST 027: Living with Total War: Europe, 1912-1923 (SC)

History 027: Living with Total War, Europe, 1912-1923 - Weinberg (Spring 2019)

Research Guide for History 027

World War I Ottoman military heliograph crew at Huj, Gaza, 1917

Use this guide to help find interesting and relevant sources for your History 027 paper.

Key Research Tips:

  1. Use relevant bibliographies.
    Once you have found a good article or book on your topic, check for citations to relevant primary and secondary sources.
  2. Search historically.
    Spelling, word choice, and geographic names may have been different during the time period you are researching. Use these words in your searches, particularly when finding primary source documents.

    Also: remember to try "World War I," "World War, 1914-1918," and "First World War."
  3. Ask questions.
    Don't hesitate to ask a librarian or your professor for assistance with finding and analyzing sources.

Ottoman military heliograph crew at Huj, Gaza (1917)
Source: Library of Congress, via Wikimedia

Resources for Class - March 7, 2019

Primary Sources Secondary Sources
The Guardian  (newspaper) Tripod
TriCo Archives & Manuscripts Search Historical Abstracts