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HIST 038: Russia in the 20th Century (SC)

History 038: Russia in the 20th Century - Weinberg

Recommended Starting Points

You can get help with finding primary and secondary sources, citations, and organizing your research.

Simon Elichko (they/them)
Social Sciences & Data Librarian

Tips for Doing Research

  1. Use relevant bibliographies.
    Once you have found a good article or book on your topic, look at
    the references cited by this author. You might find scholarly and
    primary sources.
  2. Search historically.
    Particularly when searching for primary source documents, keep
    in mind that spelling, word choice, and geographic names may have
    been different during the time period you're researching.  
  3. Need background info?  Try reference sources.
    Print and online reference works can give you the basic historical
    context for your topic, and enable you to identify key participants, dates,
    events, and concepts. (See the Overviews page for recommendations.)

  4. Ask for help when you need it.
    Don't hesitate to ask a librarian or your professor for
    assistance with finding and analyzing sources.