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GSST 192: Introduction to Trans Studies (HC)

GSST 192: Introduction to Trans Studies (Beamon) Fall 2023

Doing Research


This guide contains research tools and materials for your class projects.  Use the tabs on the left to move through the guide.


    Luna Lyons, Pride march in Toulouse, France, June 2023 (Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain)



The resources on these pages will provide you with academic material for your essay.  When you select and read publications, be aware of the following issues:


    • Expertise - What training do the authors have?  Have they published other material in this subject area?


    • Audience - Who are the intended readers?  Is it for the general public or for college students and researchers?


    • Discipline Focus - What subject approach do the authors take?  Political, historical, religious, literary?  If literary, is there a special interest in a particular kind of interpretation, such as linguistic, psychoanalytic or gendered?


    • Documentation - Are there bibliographies for further reading?  Are there titles there that are new to you and look pertinent?


    • Date - If the article or book was published more than 10 years ago, can you find a more recent point-of-view?