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GSST 001: Intro to Gender & Sexuality (SC)

Gender & Sexuality Studies 001: Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Studies (Merisou) Fall 2020

Finding Sources for Essays

⬆  Compare tools and strategies for finding scholarly research.

Searching database: GenderWatch


  • Results are limited to peer-reviewed scholarly journals
  • PDFs are easier to get because databases link to the library's journal subscriptions
  • Filters (on the left) let you narrow down articles by subject, place, etc.

For best results:

screenshot of search in genderwatch database for cyberfeminism

Searching Google Scholar



  • Searches through a lot of articles and books
  • Doesn't let you limit results by academic discipline, subject, or other criteria (besides year)

For best results:

screenshot of google scholar search for cyberfeminism

Databases of Articles & Books

Gender & Sexuality Studies Databases

Multi-Disciplinary Databases

Connect to Resources

Select the Bryn Mawr; letter B in a red circle Haverford; letter H in a dark blue circle Swarthmore; letter S in a yellow circle shortcut for your school to access a library resource.