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Fellowships & Prizes Application Research (SC): Home

Research resources and advice for Swarthmore students applying for these competitive fellowships and prizes: Watson, Truman, Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright

Reseach Advice and Resources

Crafting your fellowship application and doing research - what's the connection?

Depending on your fellowship and interests, you may need to do some research while crafting your application.

Possible research involved in fellowship applications:

  • Identifying potential locations, organizations, or other opportunities for a Watson itinerary
  • Exploring a policy issue for your Truman proposal (scholarly research, think tank research, statistics and data)
  • Understanding the ins and outs of the UK university system for a Fulbright, Rhodes, or Marshall.


As a Swarthmore student, you have access to an array of resources to help with this research, including:

  • This research guide - look at the different pages for specific research advice
  • Librarians - the Swarthmore Libraries staff can give you advice on application research, suggesting more effective and efficient ways to explore your interests - contact a librarian here, or ask Simon Elichko (Social Sciences Librarian) for help by emailing
  • Resources from the Fellowships & Prizes office - linked from the Fellowships & Prizes website

Subject Guide

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