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ENGL 250-002: Intro to Literary Methods (BMC)

ENGL 250-002: Introduction to Literary Methods; Spring 2019; Prof. Harford Vargas

The Awakening

Bibliography Assignment #1:  

Using the MLA Bibliography and other library resources, look up articles on The Awakening. Spend some time combing through the list noting any trends, kinds of criticism, etc. You are getting a sense of what is out there, and what sorts of questions have been asked of this novel across time, and what sorts of questions might be asked.

Generate a list of 8 sources following MLA citation style. Skim the articles and provide a short annotation on each, noting why the article seems useful (or even problematic).

Choose one article—one that you find the most compelling and interesting—and read closely. For this article, provide a longer annotation that identifies two or three of the author’s main arguments, methodology, and evidence used to support the arguments. End the annotation by explaining how the article enhanced or changed your reading of the novel.

Note: do not check out any books! Leave them in the stacks for other researchers.



Today's Assignment


  • Produce a bibliography containing least two books and three articles that may be pertinent to your research topic. (If you haven't decided on a research topic, research a text or author that you're interested in. You can research multiple topics, if you're still trying to decide.) 

  • Format in MLA Style, 8th ed.

  • Write a short paragraph describing your search process - search strategies, authors, citation chasing, background sources, etc. What tools did you use? Tripod? MLAIB? Other databases?

  • Submit to Moodle folder, or email to