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EMLY 012: New and Improved:Adaptation (BMC)

Kwa (Fall 2020)

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Finding more Book Reviews

Finding more Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Journals and Popular Magazines: What's the difference?

Scholarly journals  are written by and for experts in a field. The articles tend to be long and contain many citations and footnotes.

Popular magazines are written for a more general audience, and authors tend to be journalists or staff writers. The articles usually don't provide footnotes or detailed citations. 


For a more detailed analysis of the differences between these types of publications, see these sites: 

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals video (Vanderbilt University)
This short video introduces the main differences between these two types of publications.

Scholarly  vs. Popular Materials (NCSU Libraries) 
This page compares popular, scholarly and  trade journals.

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