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CSTS 209: Classical Mythology (HC)

Classical Studies 209: Classical Mythology (Farmer) Spring 2023

Greek Vases and the Representation of Myth

Hercules battles the Hydra while a crab nips at his foot,  Made for an Etruscan market by the Eagle Painter, about 525 B.C.

More information: J. Paul Getty Musem  Source: Wikimedia Commons  


This guide focuses on the topics in your course and outlines research strategies and resources for your reflection projects.  Use the searches and linked examples as jumping off points for exploration.

The Background Information page will help in developing your research question and understanding the broader context for your specific topic.  Finding Books and Journal Articles will give you material for analysis.  Resources for Specific Topics provides more detailed information from a variety of topic areas including art history, film, gender and women's studies, literature, philosophy and religion.