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ENGL 301: Pre-Modern Women Writers (HC)

English 301: Pre-Modern Women Writers (Watson) Fall 2020

Series Featuring Women Authors

In recent years publishers have begun to bring out series of translations of texts written by women or for women during the Middle Ages.  See in particular:

Feminae Listings of Translations

The database Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index has featured a Translation of the Month since 2010.  Many of the featured texts were written by women.  You can browse the descriptions or do a Find for specific topics or names.

Feminae also indexes translations, both complete texts and excerpts from anthologies.

      Go to the Advanced Search Page, and enter  Translation in the Article Type box.
      In the Keyword box enter your topic or you can specify a name in the Author box.  You can also specify century and geographic area              (British Isles, France, Germany, etc.) in those search boxes.