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Check Bryn Mawr's, Haverford's, or Swarthmore's library websites for additional resources during COVID-19.

CHEM 302: Lab in Chemical Structure and Reactivity (HC) Spring 2019

Chemistry 302: Lab in Chemical Structure and Reactivity (Scarrow)

Find Introductory Information

Part of developing your research question is thinking about potential areas of interest and finding introductory information. This will help you:

  • Learn basic information and vocabulary about a topic you might not know a lot about yet
  • Determine the current status of research in your area of interest
  • Decide if the topic you're thinking about is the right fit for you

See below for some ways to find introductory information.

Use Textbooks

The main texts for CHEM 302 are on reserve in the science library.

Use Encyclopedias, Handbooks, and Dictionaries


For more, try a search like this:

  • Go to Tripod.
  • Click the "Books and More" tab.
  • Click the Advanced Search link. 
  • Enter biology in the top box.
  • Enter encyclopedia or handbook or dictionary in the second box
  • Choose limits (such as location=Haverford or year of publication).
  • See the example search below.