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HIST 211: The Viet Nam Wars (HC): Oral History

History 211: The Viet Nam Wars (Nguyen) Fall 2018

Ethics and Law

Major Legal Challenges

  • Article from the Oral History in the Digital Age site.

Oral History, Human Subjects & Institutional Review Boards

  • From the Oral History Association.

Steering Clear of the Rocks

  • Article on ethics which addresses digitization, online accessibility, identification and other concerns, by Mary Larson.

What Do You Think You Own?

  • From the Oral History in the Digital Age site. Pertains to making oral histories available online.

Methodological Resources

Online Resources

Oral History Principles and Best Practices

  • From the Oral History Association.

Oral history in the Digital Age

  • Connects you to the latest information on digital technology as it pertains to all phases of the oral history process. 

The Oral History Bibliography 

  • An extensive, helpful guide from the Columbia University Center for Oral History. Includes resources for methodology, generally, as well as lists of texts based on oral historical projects, organized by topic (e.g., human rights, body narratives, psychology & trauma, women's and gender studies).

Step-By-Step Guide to Oral History

  • From the Film Study Center, Harvard University & the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.



Interviewing Guidelines-UCLA Library Center for Oral History Research

  • Includes tips for conducting and recording interviews.

Interview Tips- Regional Oral History Office

  • Set of tips for interviewers from ROHO at the University of California Berkeley.



Transcribing Style Guide-Baylor University

  • Style guide for editing transcription.

Indexing & Transcribing Your Interviews

  • Guidelines and tips from the Veterans' History Project, Library of Congress.