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POLS 289: Refugees and Forced Migrants (HC)

Political Science 289: Refugees and Forced Migrants (Isaacs) Spring 2020

Finding Scholarly Studies in Books

Use the Tripod catalog Connect from Bryn Mawr College  This link opens in a new windowConnect from Haverford College  This link opens in a new windowConnect from Swarthmore College  to look for relevant books owned by Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and Swarthmore.

Limit your results to ONLINE in the availability filter in the upper left corner of the screen.

The following subject searches are a sampling of possibilities. To find materials on a topic, try doing a title search in the Tripod Catalog to find some relevant material and then use the subject headings assigned to those titles to find more books.

  (immigra* OR alien*) [Subject] AND deport* [Keyword] Online books, published 2010-20   Connect from Bryn Mawr College   Icon  Icon

  (return* OR transnational*) AND mexic* [Keyword] AND (migra* OR immigra*) [Subject]  Online books, 2010-2020  Connect from Bryn Mawr College  Icon  Icon

   (1.5 OR student* OR DACA OR dreamer*) [Keyword]  AND (migra* OR immigra* OR refugee* OR alien*)   [Subject] Online books Connect from Bryn Mawr College  Icon  Icon

   (crime* OR criminal* OR gang* OR drug*) AND (immigra* OR migra* OR alien*)  [Subject] AND "united states" Online books, newest titles first   Connect from Bryn Mawr College  Icon  Icon