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PEAC 101: Introduction to Peace Justice and Human Rights (HC)

Peace, Justice, and Human Rights 101: Introduction to Peace, Justice and Human Rights (Koulen) Spring 2023

Why Use Journal Articles?

Scholarly journal articles are important sources of information offering:

  • Originality.  Provides new evidence and interpretations.

  • Authoritativeness.  Written by researchers for their peers.

  • Documentation.  Cites key scholarship in footnotes that you can check.

  • Reliability.  Reviewed by editors for significance and accuracy.

  • Conciseness.  Presents an argument directly since length is often limited to 40 pages or less.

  • Engagement.  Responds to issues and adds to an ongoing dialog.

  • Currency.  Treats recent issues more quickly than books due to publishing schedules

Journal Databases and Indexes

The databases below allow you to search for journal articles by subject.  When you find a title of interest, if the full text is not immediately available, use the Find It button   to check for Haverford's or Bryn Mawr's holdings.


Journal Databases for Specific Regions