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WRPR 182: The American Family in Historical Perspective (HC)

Writing Program 182: The American Family in Historical Perspective (Lapsansky) Spring 2023

The Family in Art

Horace Pippin, Sunday Morning Breakfast, 1943, Saint Louis Art Museum (Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

Identifying Relevant Books

Use the Tripod catalog for your home institution  Icon    Icon     to look for all books (print and digital) owned by your college as well as the print titles at the other two schools.  

The following searches are a sampling of possibilities.  To find materials on a topic, try doing a keyword search in the Tripod Catalog to find relevant materials and then use the subject headings assigned to those titles to find more books.  Note that all these searches are in the Books+Media channel.  In examples below, using keywords (Any Field in Tripod) rather than subjects will pick up results from chapter titles.

  • widow*[Subject] AND ("united states" history) [as Subjects]    Icon    Icon   

  • widow* [Any Field] AND (family OR families OR women OR gender*) [Subject] AND ("united states" history) [Subject]   Icon    Icon   

  • (islam* OR muslim*) AND "united states"[Subject] AND education [Any Field]   Icon    Icon   

  • history "united states" AND ("same sex" OR gays OR lesbian* OR queer OR transexual* OR homosexual*)    [Subject] AND (family OR families OR parent*) [Any Field]     Icon    Icon   

Beyond the TriCollege Collections

An important place to look for many materials not owned by the Tricollege Libraries. This combined library catalog contains more than 500 million titles owned by libraries around the world. Many of these items are available to you though interlibrary loan.  Use the  button to place requests.