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BIOL 316: Biochemical Adaptations (HC) Fall 2017

Biology 316: Biochemical Adaptations (Whalen)

Transform a broad topic into a research question

A research question centers and directs your research and ensures focus in your paper or project. 

  • Identify potential areas of interest
    • ​Class readings
    • Current science news
    • Encyclopedias and handbooks
  • Start with a broad topic (e.g. melanin)
  • Google your topic to gather basic knowledge and vocabulary
  • Make a detailed concept map (e.g. types, roles in the body, biosynthesis, adaptation, etc.)
  • Choose one aspect from your concept map
  • Frame it as an arguable question
    • How? What? Why?
    • Not too broad, not too narrow
    • Use specifics
    • e.g. How does melanin protect our skin from the sun?