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RELG 257: Yoga: Art, Text, Practice (HC)

Religion 257: Yoga: Art, Text, Practice (Ghosh) Fall 2017

Finding Articles

JSTOR, ProQuest, and Arts & Humanities Index are good examples of very broad databases that will search through thousands of journals and books for results. Use these databases if you need many results or to see what's out there.

The following databases are more specific to a certain subject, and as such, the database will only search through specific journals. For instance, the ProQuest performing arts database only searches within selected performing arts journals.

The International Journal of Yoga is one journal and you can use the link below to search within that journal alone. 

Use Google Scholar to look for scholarship, but also consider using it for the "cited by" feature. If you already know the name of a useful book/article covering your topic, search for that title on Google Scholar and view the "cited by" feature underneath the title in the search results. That will provide you with a list of works that cited your book/article and you can move forward with your research. 

Finding Books