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SOCI 026: Class Matters/The Class Ceiling (SC)

Sociology 026: Class Matters / The Class Ceiling - Laurison (Spring 2017)

Reading Laterally

Reading Laterally: How does this scholarly book/article connect to others?


Academic Book Reviews

Image of text from the quoted book review: "Clearly, there remains much work to do in dispelling the myths of marriage, both in terms of its embeddedness in the social class structure but also in how social class infuses relational dynamics between marital partners. The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages by Jessi Streib does just that; as a welcome addition to this broader sociological effort, the work deftly traverses macro and micro processes in marriage, arguably a rarity in the social class literature on the subject."

Why look for academic reviews of a book?

- Understand the main research question and argument
- Sense for which methods the author used
- May situate this work within discussions in the academic discipline


Example review:

The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages
Author/Creator: Eriksen, Shelley 
Source: Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews, 2016, Vol.45(6), pp.799-801


How do you find book reviews?

screenshot showing search results in Tripod

Use Tripod Articles to find book reviews published in academic journals.

- Search for the title of the book, since this is usually
   the title of the review.

Counting Citations -- Google Scholar