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SOCI 026: Class Matters/The Class Ceiling (SC)

Sociology 026: Class Matters / The Class Ceiling - Laurison (Spring 2017)

Searches that work

Searches that work: key strategies for finding sources in Tripod

Search in the right place - choose a research tool that highlights academic sources, such as Tripod or JSTOR

Pick your keywords carefully - translate your ideas into terms you'd find in the books/articles you want to read

When searching, syntax is everything - how you arrange your search terms will determine your results

• Filter your search results - keywords only get you so far - narrow your results using Date Published, Resource Type, and other filters

Understanding Search Syntax

What's included in this search?

(marriage OR "married people" OR spouses OR families) AND ("social classes" OR "class")



In comparison, what’s excluded from this search?

(marriage OR “married people”) AND (spouses OR families) AND (“social classes OR “class”)


And what’s excluded from this search?

(marriage OR “married people” OR spouses OR families) AND (“social classes”)

Need keyword suggestions? Start with one relevant book.