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CITY 255: American Architecture (BMC)

CITY 255: American Architecture; Professor Jeffrey Cohen; Spring 2017 (BMC)

Tips for Searching

Search Tips

Deconstruct your topic or research question to select keywords, phrases or concepts. Think of synonyms of these terms as well.

Boolean Operator: AND, OR, NOT, NEAR

  • Use AND to connect your main concepts
  • Use OR between related concepts
  • Use NEAR to find two concepts that are in proximity to each other (an option on JSTOR)
  • Put quotations around a term to search for that exact phrase e.g. "migration policy"

Use nesting by adding parentheses around your OR phrases and quotes around multi-term phrases      

     Examples: (urban OR city) AND plan*

                    (city AND planning) AND (America)

                    America* AND (“urban layout” OR “city planning”)

Truncate your word to get more results and alternative endings by adding an asterix * to the word
•creat* = creature, creation, create, creating, creator, etc.
Use a Wildcard (?) for alternative spellings
•wom?n = woman or women
•hono?r = honor or honour
•?nquiry = inquiry or enquiry