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PSYC 260: The Psychology of Mindfulness (BMC)

Psychology 260: The Psychology of Mindfulness (Schulz) Fall 2016

Your Main Database for this Course

Tip: use the methodology filter in either the advanced search screen or the search results screen to limit your search results to empirical studies.

Empirical study filter selected under methodology in advanced search screen Empirical study filter under methodology displaying number of empirical studies in search results screen

Advanced Search Screen                                                                          Search Results Screen

PsycINFO Thesarus

Using the thesaurus within PsycINFO will help you build a search strategy with official APA subject terms, which is a more precise and comprehensive way of searching than simply using keywords (tip: start with the term "mindfulness" to see if it maps to an official subject in the thesaurus). This video demonstrates how to use the thesaurus.