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CSTS 227: Race and Ethnicity in the Classical World (HC): Editions & Translations

Classical Studies 227: Race and Ethnicity in the Classical World (Ulrich) Fall 2016


Tripod often lists a translation as the original title + English + Year of publication:   


Searching by the English title of a work may miss some of the translations available.

Also note that some works have been translated multiple times, so that a Tripod search may lead to a better version that the one on Haverford's shelves.


Editions in Greek and Latin

To find a text in Greek or Latin, search in Tripod, the tri-college library catalog.

You can search by:

  • Author, or by
  • Title

       I.  Standard Editions

1) Loeb Classical Library

A series of Latin and Greek texts with facing page English translations.  Now published by Harvard University Press but started in 1912 by the publisher William Heinemann.  The critical apparatus is minimal at best and can be supplemented by a more scholarly edition.  There are 846 records in Tripod (for both the digital and print versions of titles).

  • Greek Loeb Volumes PA3611-PA3612 in green bindings  (Other copies shelved with individual authors.)
  • Latin Loeb Volume PA6156 in red bindings  (Other copies shelved with individual authors.) 
  • Loeb Classical Library Online    Includes all volumes from the Loeb Library
  • bmc   hc    sc 
2) Cambridge green and yellow series - Search: "Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics"
A series of Ancient Greek and Latin texts with commentaries that address literary issues as well as grammatical ones.  There are 104 records in Tripod.
3) Oxford Classical Texts - Search: Scriptorum classicorum bibliotheca Oxoniensis
A series of Ancient Greek and Latin texts with critical notes. In recent years introductions appear in English; earlier introductions were in Latin.  There are 326 records in Tripod 

Also a series of Ancient Greek and latin texts with critical notes.  Teubner has been publishing longer than Oxford and has the greatest number of texts available in modern editions with extensive notes.  There are 1584 records in Tripod.


II.  Specialized Collections

  1) Brill's New Jacoby -  New edition of the 856 fragmentary historians that comprise F. Jacoby's monumental Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker Parts I-III, but with significant additions.  

  • bmc


  2) Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG) -  SEG presents complete Greek texts of all new inscriptions with a critical apparatus; it summarizes new readings, interpretations and studies of known inscriptions.   Print volumes +  

  • bmc

Representations of the Foreign

Darius, fleeing from battle, looks back toward Alexander, mosaic, House of the Faun, 

Pompei, now in the museum in Naples  (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Latin and Greek Texts and Concordances Online