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SOCI 016B: Intro to Methods (SC)

Sociology 016B - Researching Communities: Introduction to Sociological Methods (Daniel Laurinson) Fall 2016

Literature Review: Suggestions & Strategies

How to Find Articles from Specific Journals:

o  In Web of Science, enter your topic in the Basic Search box.
o  Add a second search field and set it to Publication Name.
o  Enter the following search strategy:

"American Sociological Review" OR "American Journal of Sociology" OR "Social Forces" OR "Social Problems" OR "American Ethnologist" OR "American Anthropologist" OR "Cultural Anthropology"

By using this search strategy, you will limit your results to articles published in these major journals.

Example search using Web of Science:

web of science screenshot - how to search for articles from multiple journals


Understanding this search:

o  Publication Name -- Searches only for information in the "Publication Name" field
This ensures that you only find articles published in one of the journals you're looking for, not just mentioning words from the journal titles.
o  Double quotes (e.g. "American Journal of Sociology") -- Searches only for exact phrases and groups each set of terms
 OR -- Indicates that articles only need to contain one of the terms you've entered, not all of them
o  Timespan -- Limits results to articles published between 2006-2016