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PSYC 100: Foundations of Psychology (HC) Fall 2018

Psychology 100: Foundations of Psychology (Kelly, Wang)

*Best Bet* (Use the Databases)

For both of the databases above:

  • Limit to magazines, newspapers, and/or blogs.
  • Include "study" as a search word to find articles that report on research.

Example Search (Proquest)

Enter search words, using the word "study" in one box to roughly limit to discussions of particular studies. 

Choose to see only blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

Choose other limits as desired.

Example Search (Nexis Uni)

Choose the "News"  box, and enter search words.

Search within results for "study".

Narrow down to a particular newspaper, magazine, or blog.

Individual Magazines and Newspapers

Also try searching these select online magazines and newspapers.