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ENGL 363: The Construction of Whiteness in Precarious Times (HC)

English 363: Topics in American Literature: The Construction of Whiteness in Precarious Times (Stadler) Fall 2016

Finding Primary Sources

Many primary sources can be found in Haverford's Quaker & Special Collections which can be searched via Tripod. You can also search Triarte for digital versions of the photographs and other art held in the collections. Art usually has a record in Tripod, as well, but the digital images are only available in Triarte. We encourage you to use the original objects even if a digital version exists.

Walker Evans

Here you will find links to individual photographs, collections of photographs, and books which include photographs by Walker Evans. To see images of some, but not all, of these photographs, you can browse the Evans section on Triarte.

Other Depression Era Photographers