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Fifteenth Century Printed Books at Bryn Mawr (BMC)

Overview of collection of 15th century printed book collection (incunabula).

Bindings and Provenance Studies

Bryn Mawr’s 15th century printed book collection has been involved in several international projects studying the physical volumes and their histories. 

Former Princeton conservator Scott Husby examined the bindings of Bryn Mawr's incunable collection in the early 2000s as part of his extensive survey of incunable bindings in the United States and Europe.  He identified nearly 200 volumes in the collection in contemporary Gothic book bindings, and about 40 more in contemporary interim bindings, typically parchment or paper.  A description of his project and images of contemporary bindings can be found at his website Bookbindings on Incunables in American Library Collections.  

As part of his work on the incunable collection during the summer of 2016, Classics graduate student Daniel J. Crosby submitted information and images of about 100 books in contemporary bindings to two projects focusing on the history of book ownership: the Provenance Online Project at the University of Pennsylvania Library, and the Material Evidence in Incunabula at the Consortium of European Research Libraries in London.   

Justinianus, Bernardus, Orationes et epistolae.  Venice: Bernardinus Benalius, 1492?  Binding from the Kartäuserkloster workshop in Nuremburg, Germany. Gift of Howard Lehman Goodhart.