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LING 115: Phonetics and Phonology (Tri-Co) Spring 2016: Reference Grammars in the TriCo

Linguistics 115 (Overfelt) Spring 2016

Finding Reference Grammars

Use the following guides to find reference grammars held by the Tri-College libraries and to see reviews by other students who took Linguistics 115:

Use the instructions below for information on how to identify dictionaries, additional grammars, and other texts.

Browse Tripod (or WorldCat) by Subject for Dictionaries, Additional Grammars, & Other Texts

Subject headings are effective ways to identify dictionaries, grammars, and other texts.

Subject headings for languages are all structured the same way: the name of the language followed by the word "language" and then the appropriate subheading (e.g., Basque language Phonology).  Some examples include: Navajo language Dictionaries English; Navajo language Grammar; Hindi language Grammar; Hungarian language Phonology.

The easiest way to use subject headings is to browse the subject-heading list in Tripod.  (To find items not held by the Tri-Colleges, you can plug these same subject headings into WorldCat, which searches library catalogs from around the U.S. and the world.)

To browse subject headings in Tripod, follow these steps:

From the Books & More tab,

  • Search "By Topic" for the name of your language.  (Remember to check for spelling variations.)

  • Select relevant subject headings.

Additional Grammars (Published as Ph.D. dissertations) & Other Linguistics Research