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LATN 102: Introduction to Latin Literature: Comedy (HC)

Latin 102: Introduction to Latin Literature: Comedy (Tortorelli) Spring 2016



You can find translations of Terence's works in Tripod.  Search Terence as an AUTHOR + the Latin TITLE of a work and then limit the results in the Language category to English:  Author/Creator:  terence AND Keyword: eunuchus  = 32 records

You can see a full list of Terence's works in English by searching the AUTHOR terence along with limiting the results to English and SORTING to see the newest first  =  117 records   

  • Hecyra   (Translation by Sander M. Goldberg)

Roman Theater at Palmyra

                                                                Source: Wikimedia Commons


To find a text in Latin, search in TRIPOD, the tri-college library catalog.
You can search by Author or by Title

        Standard Editions
1) Loeb Classical Library (in print)    Now also available as the Digital Loeb Classical Library
A series of Latin and Greek texts with facing page English translations.  Now published by Harvard University Press but started in 1912 by the publisher William Heinemann.  The critical apparatus is minimal at best and should be supplemented by a more scholarly edition.  See the print and digital volumes for Plautus and for Terence.

2)  Oxford Classical Texts -  Scriptorum classicorum bibliotheca Oxoniensis. This series of Ancient Latin and Greek texts includes critical notes.  In recent years introductions appear in English; earlier introductions were in Latin.  See the 10 volumes devoted to Terence's works and the 2 volumes for Plautus.   

3) Cambridge green and yellow series - Formally known as the  "Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics".    The series of Ancient Greek and Latin texts includes commentaries that address literary issues as well as grammatical ones.   See volumes for the plays Hecyra, Eunuchus, and Adelphoe by Terence.  There are four plays by Plautus treated.

4)  Teubner Series - Formally known as the Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana. Also a series of Ancient Latin and Greek texts with critical notes.  Teubner has been publishing longer than Oxford and has the greatest number of texts available in modern editions with extensive notes.   See the 5 volumes for Plautus and the 11 volumes devoted to Terence's work.