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RELG 222: Gnosticism (HC)

Religion 222: Gnosticism (McGuire) Spring 2015

Critical Editions

These critical editions of Gnostic titles include texts in the original language, translations (in English or French), analytic commentary, notes with additional information, and bibliographhies.  Some of the editions also cite the ancient works that are relevant, including Biblical, patristic, and Greek and Roman literature. Not all Gnostic texts have been treated in these critical editions.

To find other commentaries not listed here, check in Tripod or, for greater scope, WorldCat.  Search the text's English title either as a Subject or a Title:                         Example:   apocryphon of john  [Subject Search] =  60 results     Including:

                    The secret revelation of John
                    by King, Karen L., 1954- 
                    Published Harvard University Press, 2006
                    Subjects: '; ...Apocryphon of John  Criticism, interpretation, etc...
                    H Magill        BT 1392  A752  K56  2006
                    S McCabe    BT 1392  A752  K56  2006

Gnostic Texts and the Bible

Searching across Gnostic Texts

Nag Hammadi Text

  Ending  of  the Apocryphon of John and the beginning of the Gospel of Thomas (Wikimedia Commons)