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ARTS 218: Chinese Calligraphy as an Art Form (HC): Journal Articles

FINE ARTS 218: Chinese Calligraphy as an Art Form (Li) Spring 2017

Indexes covering the Arts

Book Reviews

While almost all of the general and specialized databases have book reviews (and should be searched) Book Review Index is the only database that just indexes book reviews.

Other Useful Databases

These databases can provide additional information about Chinese calligraphy and its contexts.

Qing Dynasty Drawing and Calligraphy

Zha Shibiao, Mountains at Dawn, circa 1687, Walters Art Museum (Wikimedia Commons)

Inscription:  Rising in the morning to watch the mountain view, Water body is half hidden (by mist), The secluded man has not mundane affair (to care), The fishing boat is (his) floating home, Mei-ho Lao-jen (Old Man of Plum Valley); [Seal] Ch'a Shih-piao; [Signature] Shih-piao