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POLS 320: Democracy in America (HC)

Political Science 320: Democracy in America (McGovern) Fall 2018

Good Starting Points in Law and Political Science

Journal articles provide focused, reliable, and often up-to-date, information and analysis on public issues. Many of these journals use the peer review process, so that submitted work is vetted by scholars in the field and is improved by the author before it is published.  The following indexes are the most relevant for finding scholarly journal articles in the field of political science.  

Locating Journal Articles in Subject Specific Databases

Topics can frequently deal with issues beyond the scope of political science.  In those cases, use a subject-specific index like the ones below to find pertinent articles with research and analysis in areas including economics, education, law, and sociology.

Support for Public Education

        Teachers from Chicago public schools protest planned closings (Source: Vimeo, public domain)

Tracking Citations Forward in Time