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Starting Your Thesis (BMC)

Research advice for thesis writers in any discipline, based on the Bryn Mawr College Writing Center thesis workshops.

Zotero Guide

Depending on your topic and your work style, you may want to use a citation manager to organize your citations and other research materials. We recommend Zotero, an open source research organizer that works with your web browser to collect sources and build your personal library as you browse.

Our Zotero Guide has tips for new Zotero users, based on the most common questions we’ve gotten from Bryn Mawr students.

Using Zotero for Notetaking

Zotero can help you manage not only citations but also your notes – be they stand-alone notes, or annotations you make about particular items in your library.  The Zotero help page on notes has more details.

Here is a brief video illustrating the organizing, tagging and note-taking fuctionality in Zotero: