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SPAN 250: Quixotic Narratives (HC) Fall 2015

Spanish / Comparative Literature 250: Quixotic Narratives (Burshatin) Fall 2015

Quijote Exhibition

Your class has the opportunity to contribute to a student-curated online exhibition. 

The current outline of the project explores the reception of Cervantes' narrative through revisions, translations, interpretations, and adaptations—in various media—from the time of its first publication to the present.  The outline of the exhibition currently includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Early Spanish Reception
  • Don Quijote and the Romantics / 19th century
  • Don Quijote and Latin America
  • Contemporary reception of Don Quijiote
  • Conclusion

The exhibit also includes essays from the Fall 2015 iteration of this class, which can serve as examples.

Your contribution to the exhibition will be to analyze a specific illustration or performative adaptation of Quijote and to write gallery text for that piece.  To understand the conventions of writing gallery text, you might begin by reading the V&A Museum's guidelines, which target the writers of text for their own collections, but which contains much good general advice.

The full guidelines are attached below:

Exhibit Examples

Here are a few examples of student-curated exhibits which use the same software as the Quijote one. These might provide guidance on how to use images as part of your argument and you desired test-image ratio.