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BIOL 002: Organismal & Population Biology (SC)

Biology 2: Organismal and Population Biology (Baugh)

Writing Information

Citation Information

Examples of CSE Style

The Bibliography is arranged alphabetically at the end of the paper. When referring to the item in the body of the paper, use the In-Text style. These examples are in the Name-Year format.

Journal Article:


Xue M, Reim K, Chen X, Chao H-T, Deng H, Rizo J, Brose N, Rosenmund C. 2007. Distinct domains of complexin I differentially regulate neurotransmitter release. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 14(10):949–958. doi:10.1038/nsmb1292.


(Smith 1970) – for articles with one author  

(Smith and Dawson 1982) – for articles with two author  

(Xue et al. 2007) – for articles with more than two authors




Griffiths AJF, Miller JH, Suzuki DT, Lewontin RC, Gelbart WM. c2000. Introduction to genetic analysis [Internet]. 7th ed. New York (NY): W. H. Freeman & Co.; [cited 2005 May 31]. Available from:

In text:

(Griffiths et al. 2000)


Government Report:


Schick RS, Edsall AL, Lindley ST. 2005. Historical and current distribution of Pacific salmonids in the Central Valley, CA. Santa Cruz (CA): US Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries Service, Santa Cruz Laboratory. Report nr NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-SWFSC-369.


(Schick et al. 2005)


Conference Proceeding:


Lee DJ, Bates D, Dromey C, Xu X, Antani S. An imaging system correlating lip shapes with tongue contact patterns for speech pathology research. In: Krol M, Mitra S, Lee DJ, editors. CBMS 2003. Proceedings of the 16th IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems; 2003 Jun 26027; New York. Los Alamitos (CA): IEEE Computer Society; c2003. P.307-313


(Lee et al. 2005)