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WRPR 160: Borders, Walls and Bridges (HC): Tripod

Writing Program 160: Borders, Walls and Bridges: Cultural Approaches to Divided Cities (Farber) Spring 2015


Tripod is a catalog and discovery tool for the Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore College libraries.  

Tripod Books and More catalogs the books, book chapters, journals (but not the articles in them), videos, reports, and online resources that the three schools own or can access.   

Tripod Articles indexes millions of journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.  Many of them are available in full-text.  It also includes articles not available at Haverford but these can be requested for delivery to your email address.

Tripod Digitized Archives searches a selection of digitized and other online material from Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and Swarthmore special collections and archives.

You can search all parts of Tripod from the Quick Search tab, or you can search each channel independently.  


Tips for Using Tripod Books and More

For additional tips, see the Search Tips tab.

1.  Tips for the basic search:

  • Put titles in quotation marks for more precise results.
  • Use wild cards to search variations in spelling:
    • For a single character use the ? symbol:  m?nsearches for "man" and "men"
    • For multiple characters use the * symbol:  immigra* — searches for "immigrant/s, immigration"        
  • Use the Journal Title option when looking for a magazine, newspaper, or journal.


2.  Tips for the advanced search

  • Combine different search types, like Keyword and Author/Creator, for more focused results
  • Subject searching: Find a relevant title in a keyword search. Go to the list of subjects and choose one to search.  (Each part of the subject phrase is independently linked.  Click on the last word to get the full subject.)


3.  Working with results

  • Filters on the right side focus results into smaller groups by college, collection, format, and other categories
  • Results are sorted by relevance, but there are other options.  "Newest First" is a handy way to see the newest titles.


Library FAQ

1) Where can I get some help?

You can contact librarians by email or phone at Magill, the music library, and the science library:

If you come to Magill Library, talk to a librarian or student assistant at the Research Support Desk.

2) How can I use library resources when I am away from Haverford?

Use the Off-Campus Access Link to login with your email user name and password.  This will give you access to all the online journals and ebooks to which Haverford subscribes.  Once in EZProxy, your URLs will carry “” as part of the address while you navigate to resources in Tripod.  For this reason it is important that you click on links rather than type in URLs.

3) I came across a journal article on the Web, but it costs money.  Should I get it?

No.  Request it through Article Delivery.  The Interlibrary Loan Department, led by Rob Haley, is able to get digital copies of many articles without charges for students, faculty, and staff at Haverford.