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ECON 073: Race, Ethnicity & Gender in Economics (SC)

Economics 073: Race, Ethnicity, & Gender in Economics (Bayer) Fall 2017

Where to find scholarly articles in Economics

Tips for Finding Articles Using EconLit

Problem:  Too many search results

  • Find the sidebar on the left side of the search results page. 

    Try limiting your search results by:
    • Date Published
    • Subject
  • Make your search query more specific.
    • Identify your concepts
    • Think of multiple words to describe each concept
    • Combine your concepts into a search:
      • Search Query Format:  
        ("concept 1A" OR "concept 1B" OR "concept 1C") AND ("concept 2A" OR "concept 2B")

Problem:  Not enough search results

  • Option 1:  Try searching for synonyms and alternate terms.  Check out the search tips page in this Research Guide for help.
  • Option 2:  Click on the full results page for one relevant article. 

    Scroll down to the "Indexing" section and look at the "Subjects." 

    If any of those subjects seem related to your topic, click on them to run a search for other articles in that same category.
  • Option 3:  Go to the Advanced Search box and change the drop-down menu from "All terms" to "Document text" - this will let you search within the full text of some articles, which should increase your search results.

Problem:  No PDF/full text available for an article

  • Place an Article Request - usually, receive a PDF by email within 1-2 days
  • How to Request an Article:
    • From EconLit:
      • ​Click FindIt. Select link Request via Interlibrary Loan. Fill out form to request.
    • Use the Article Request form.