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SPAN 322: Politics of Memory in Latin America (HC)

Spanish / Comparative Literature 322: The Politics of Memory in Latin America (Gómez Unamuno) Fall 2016

Web Searching

Searches on the Open Web can often return irrelevant or non-scholarly results.  Try limiting your search by various domains, or narrow your search using these search tips:

Limit your search by domain:

  • Limited to academic institutions in the United States:
  • Limited to websites in México:
  • Limited to government websites in México:

Limit your search to words in the title:

Remove unwanted results:

Additional Tips for Searching

Use the the Google Advanced Search screen to conduct advanced searches including, but not limited to, those on the left.

See Google's Cheat Sheet for further tips on constructing and refining your searches.

See Nancy Blachman's GoogleGuide for even more tips.