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Digital Presentation and Exhibit Tools: Home

A guide for digital exhibit tools.

Exhibit Tools

Digital Scholarship offers support and hosting for digital exhibits on these platforms.

Blogging Tools

These tools are great for creating easy-to-use and easy-to-update blogs for sharing prose, images, or other media.

Pros: Simple tools that were built for blogging. Both platforms feature built-in audiences and the potential for high circulation. Theme changes are easy. Domain services are available, and both handle many different types of media very well.

Cons: Tumblr, in particular, is very limiting with text. They are easy-to-use tools for this purpose, but can get complicated quickly.

Website Building Tools

These are either free or modestly-priced website builders that allow users to create simple sites.

Pros: Full hosting and domain services are available at relatively low cost. Design is flexible. Widgets and other added functionality is available for websites. Use responsive design, which adjusts layout of pages to fit the screen size (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.).

Cons: They are limited in structure. There are many bad templates out there that can result in horrible design. Closed systems that cost money to use.

Presentation Tools

These are tools primarily for giving presentations in public or on the web, but can be adapted to display a collection of items or to tell a story.