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MUSI 020: Medieval and Renaissance Music (SC)

Music 020: Medieval and Renaissance Music (J. Blasina) Fall 2015

Tri-College Guides

  • Music Style Guide: A style guide for formal writing in music courses at Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges. Contains instructions on including score, audio, and video examples in your essays. 

Supplementary Resource


Citation Managers

Zotero: The Tri-College Libraries recommend Zotero, a free tool that can format your bibliography, keep your citations organized, and even save your articles in the cloud so you can access them later from the library, home, or a cafe. See the Tri-College Guide to Zotero for more details.

EndNote Basic: The Tri-Colleges provide free access to EndNote Basic. See the Tri-College Guide to EndNote Basic for more details.

Any librarian will be happy to give you a tour or a few pointers of the software.

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